Welded assemblies in (almost) any dimension

Mechanical processing meets modern welding technology - that’s how you could summarise the topic of ‘assembly fabrication’. And GFT offers both these stages. In the field of welding, we make use of special equipment and a high level of automation - specifically robotic welding - to fulfil even highly demanding orders with unusual requirements for precision.

Such demands are found particularly in vehicle construction, in general steelwork (masts, frames etc.) and in large bearing structures. Here again, our internal process documentation ensures transparency and quality assurance at every step.

We can weld unalloyed and low-alloyed steels, heat-resistant steels, high-strength steels, aluminium and stainless steels using MIG, MAG, TIG and manual electric arc welding methods. The welded assemblies we build can weigh from 500 kg to a maximum of 30 tonnes.

And by the way...

We maintain stocks of over 1500 tonnes of plate, tube and section steels in our raw materials warehouse. We’re sure to have what you need.

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