Assembly by GFT - making sure it all fits and functions

At the end of the day, everything has to work properly together. Making sure that this is the case is an important task - and one in which we support our customers. We competently build the individual welded assemblies together into more complex system assemblies. This naturally includes fitting any electrical and/or hydraulic elements.

Our fitters then carry out a final function test to ensure that everything works as designed. Only when the tests have been passed are the assembled and tested system assemblies, with their tested initial settings, shipped to our customers.

And by the way ...

Once final testing is complete, we decide the best way to ship the components to our customers. Clearly, in our field it isn’t just a matter of going to the post office - most of our assemblies are much too large for that. Rather, we work together with hauliers who can transport your order to you directly on request.


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Complex yet safe welding constructions have always been one of the core competences of Gothaer Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH. Our partners profit from our accumulated years of experience and technical know-how, say, of the processing of high-strength fine-grained steels for use in mobile crane construction, vehicles and mechanical engineering. These are fields in which we have proven our expertise in countless projects.

And yet we offer much more. With our significant production depth and our high-tech fabrication infrastructure, we are in a position to offer you individually tailored products at competitive prices. For this purpose our modern plate and tube cutting facilities along with our turning, milling and drilling services and those of CNC processing, robotics systems and surface treatment are all available to you. Our qualified employees will support you in developing your product and will implement your project requirements to your exact specification. Thus we are a complete services provider for metalworking and welding structures and can offer you a services spectrum that includes both ‘simple’ contract production (such as for pipework or plate cutting) and also fabrication of system components for highly complex crane systems.

Gothaer Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH is your specialist for all things metal.